Blue Jay Nest Webcam

Today the kids were excited to find a nest with spotted bird eggs in their play set.  They watched intently throughout the day to see what kind of bird had made the nest but mamma never appeared.

Last month we set up a Raspberry Pi computer to capture time lapse video of Gracie’s rock candy experiment.  So we decided this would be a perfect way to watch the nest and see what really goes on in a bird’s nest.

Just before 8:00, mamma appeared and she is a beautiful Blue Jay!!!  This may be the same one that has made a nest in our gutter the last couple of years.  Hopefully we can keep from bothering her too much.  But the image below will be refreshed every 5 minutes (during daytime hours)…So check back often and we will be sure to post the time lapse once the babies are born.

4/4/16 Update: We noticed tonight after she left the nest that there are now 4 eggs where there were 3 yesterday.

4/9/16 Update: The kids left a bowl of raw peanuts near the nest. She doesn’t seem to be eating them yet. Maybe after the chicks are born?

4/11/16 Update: After watching the time lapse videos for the last few days, it appears like there is definitely another blue jay in the picture every now and then. It may be the male helping out but it’s not clear. Also, the mother leaves the nest around 6:00 every evening. Presumably getting a quick meal before returning to the nest. The weather has been fairly chilly lately (70 high, 45 low)…. Has us wondering if she would spend more time away from the nest if it were warmer?

4/18/16 Update: The eggs have started hatching!!! Mamma is still sitting in the nest right on top of the babies.

5/9/16 Update: The last bird has left the nest. This is bitter sweet for us as we will miss them but great to see them all flourishing!

5/17/16 Update: The baby birds are still hanging out in our yard! This is great for us to see. Mamma or Daddy Blue Jay is still very protective swooping down at our dogs and us too!

5/22/16 Update: Going to turn off the feed now and post a time lapse from birth to flight (Minus one week when the Raspberry Pi was not responding) on You Tube.

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